Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The daily grind


       Do you ever wake up in the morning and realize you still haven't finished what you were doing the day before? Well that's the story of my life. Lately it seems like it is something different every morning! Imagine this, it is 11:00pm you are sitting on your couch folding laundry, you finish a stack and go put them away in the drawers; this process continues until you are finished... or does it. So you decide to go to bed and when you wake up in the morning you discover there is a load of laundry that is sitting in your dryer waiting for you to comfort it because it spent all night alone in the dark tumbling machine! Well I have a theory, during the night my house was taken over by mystical little creatures that instead of making my life a better place decided to complicate it! This time it was by washing and drying a load of laundry but not putting it away! On other occasions it is by having either a police officer drive behind me or an elderly woman drive in front of me during the duration of my commute to work, school, the supermarket, the nail salon, the mall and well you get the idea. I guess this is something we all can agree on. Everday is a winding road and we need to catch those damn creatures and straighten them out! We all have the tools to tackle these everyday obstacles and I truly believe if you have patiences and confindence you can achieve anything!


  1. Things like that happen to me everyday! I am about 95% convinced somebody is trying to screw me over!

  2. lol... I always tell myself that there a little evil elves that live in my walls they are there simply to make our lives more difficult...i clean they mess it up . Opps those are my children.

  3. I almost gave up trying to create a blog, but I managed. I like yours very much. I like the alliteration of 'Carmens Chronicles' also. very good work. My blog is really bad compared to this one!