Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog review


This blog is very interesting. I don't necessarily "work" at home but i definitely WORK at home. I feel like as a parent whether it is my self or my husband we work everywhere we go. I see this with people I intereact with on a daily basis. I mean don't get me wrong there are people that do nothing but mostly we have busy lives as parents, students, employees or employers and then we have to take care of ourselves too!  

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  1. I AGREE! just because you don't work outside of the home, does not mean you do not work. I find that I work more at home than when I managed a salon, and ran a football and cheerleading program, and that is a lot of work! It is nice to have technology at our fingertips! A blog such as the one you posted could be helpful in numerous ways, and there are so many of them too.